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Curriculum Information

Every pupil at Orchard Manor School has access to a curriculum designed to meet their individual and specific needs.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and accessible to every pupil at their own level.

The curriculum at Orchard Manor includes the following strands; academic, vocational, life and social skills, emotional (Thrive), wellbeing (EH4MH) and other therapies as appropriate (counselling, speech and language therapy, mentoring).  All strands of our curriculum are important in facilitating the holistic development of our pupils.

Developmental needs are determined and prioritised through consultation with pupils, parents and other stakeholders in conjunction with pupils EHCP and further informed by school based assessments.  Pupils' targets, updated termly, define the next steps for individual learning / development.  As a result pupils and those who support them know exactly what their objectives are, the strategies being used to support them and what progress is being made.