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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premiums

2018-2019 Funding: £1172.

Funding has been spent in three main areas supporting progress in literacy, numeracy and supporting engagement.


Funding has been focussed on reading resources including audio books. Games for children to apply their skills such as Scrabble and Junior Wordsearch have also been purchased.

Impact: The children have been engaged in reader and can articulate who are their favourite authors and select books giving reasons. The children have all improved their reading ages.


A variety of games have been purchased to support mathematical thinking including draughts and dominoes.

Impact: The children have been much more willing to engage with problem-solving activities and can cope much more with open-ended activities; which can be an area of challenge for our learners. The children have progressed in mathematical application.

Supporting Engagement:

Sensory toys and resources to support with anxieties and concentration.