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Good Evening my Duck Billed Platypus-shaped, Noise-Enhancing Ear Defenders!

Pink Blancmange painting by Catherine Denvir

We hope you have had a glorious week fermenting the learning of your young humans and we are pleased to hear that the end results of your hard work always result in a ‘blow your socks off’ spirit that fuels their onward life journey – splendid!

Well! Not much to report from Randomland this week. It's been quite quiet.  Actually, I suppose Mrs ‘Eugenie Leatherette-McFlowerpot’s’ attempts to bribe the local planning officer when he turned down her application for a helicopter landing pad in her bath, did cause quite a stir at her local blancmange sculpting club meeting!

So to liven up the evening, we will proceed to the Random Draw…..

First to blast off the launchpad tonight is a groovy little item that may possibly drive the neighbours ‘up the wall’, Made from the carved remains of a stalactite, from the deep dark caverns of central Kenya and festooned with dangling walrus whiskers attached to the wheel nuts of an old Ford Escort - this wind operated ‘clanger’ of a prize will hang motionless in your garden, then suddenly burst into a cacophony of sound when the north wind blows..... The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…..Yes!  Its  your very own wind chime! Gusted away by Claire

Taking off in second position is an edible extravaganza that will ‘bear’ delicious results, which maybe can be shared with all of your friends and family.  Simply it’s a GIANT bag of chocolate chip flavoured, Teddy Bear-shaped, biscuits. Fabulous, and into the paws of Rob it goes.

This week’s gadget of the week is a multi-tool with attitude! A professionally crafted implement, with a range of attachments that will make you look the part, hosting dinner parties, or even when you whip it out at the local pub! Open those bottles, unscrew those corks, trim the fingernails of  those ‘witch-like’ punters, this Waiter’s Multi-tool has it all, you will be the superhero of party!  Aine - Bar none!

Tonight’s superstar prize is unbelievable!! Sometimes we secure something that really sounds unbelievable, and this sounds unbelievable (for a while) we cannot put it any other way, but tonight we give you your very own…..Swimming Pool!!!.... (a few moments to catch your breath) Yes your very own swimming pool!!   Now you can splash around to your hearts' content! Its fully portable, so maybe a few lengths in the lounge, treading water in the kitchen, or diving from the rafters in the loft!! Fully packaged and ready to set up! (Smallprint =for ages 2+, diameter 1.14metres, depth 25cm, from the Intex ‘Wet Set’ collection – please use safely and responsibly). Speedo’d away by Jenna.

So there we are, you wonderful, beautiful, lovely, lush human peoples.

We are so looking forward to seeing you again next week already, meanwhile stay safe and have fun.

Massive smooches




(Fabulous artwork above is called Pink Blancmange by Catherine Denvir