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Safeguarding and Keeping Your Child Safe

At Orchard Manor School, safeguarding is our priority and underpins everything we do.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. As such we work hard to maintain a culture in which staff, pupils, parents and governors feel able to articulate concerns comfortably; safe in the knowledge that effective, appropriate action will be taken.

When there are concerns about a child’s welfare, we will need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with parents/carers first, unless we have reason to believe that doing this would be detrimental to the child's welfare.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that contribute to our commitment to safeguarding, including our Child Protection Policy which can be viewed via the link to the right.

The Direct Line to our Safeguarding Office is 01626 895973

The email for our Safeguarding Office is


Our Safeguarding Team:

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Residential:  Esther Craddock
Tel:  01626 862363 x 128 Upper Campus

Tel:  01626 862363 x 229 Lower Campus


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Rachel Addison
Tel: 01626 862363 extension 229


The Governor with Responsibility for Safeguarding: Gavin Garman

Our Level 3 Safeguarding Officers

Jo Hill
Deputy Head Teacher
01626 862363 x  223 Lower Campus
Nicola Jones 
01626 862363 x  211 Lower Campus
01626 862363 x  123 Upper Campus
Bryan Webster
Deputy Head Teacher
01626 862363 x  223 Lower Campus

Peter Smith
Assistant Headteacher (SEN)
Upper Campus

Chris Heard
 Senior Care Officer

Tel:  01626 862363 x 141  

Spartan House, Upper Campus

Megan Barr
Senior Care Officer
01626 862363 x 142
Spartan House, Upper Campus

Tia Beddow
Office Manager and Finance
01626 862363 x 203
Lower Campus


Danielle Davies
Family Liaison Officer
01626 862363 x 203
Lower Campus

Safeguarding  at Orchard Manor School is extremely important and it is everyone’s business;  It’s up to all of us to keep children and young people safe.   Whilst you are on site, we ask you that should you hear, see or read anything which troubles you about a child, do not ignore it, but report your concerns to a member of staff or one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers for Orchard Manor School.  

If you have  any concerns at any time, speak to any member of staff and never be worried about reporting your concern - ask yourself:

“Would this be good enough for my child?”  
If your answer is: “No!”
Then it’s not good enough for the children and young people here!


Special Partnership Trust - Safeguarding and Health & Safety Policies