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Orchard Manor News

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  • 09/09/22

    Queen Elizabeth II

    It is with great sadness that we hear that our beloved Queen Elizabeth II has passed after 70 years of service to our country.  Most of us will have known her as the only monarch throughout our lives, and she has a very special place in everyone's heart.  We pass on our love and condol...
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  • 08/06/22

    ​​​​​​Online Safety 2022 Parent Coffee Morning

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  • 27/05/22

    Summer Fete 8 July 4:30pm - 7pm Save the Date!

    We are looking forward to another fantastic day and we are looking for Craft stall holders - £10 per stall - contact to book.  We would love to see you!  Save the Date and bring the whole family - its going to be a super day!
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  • 24/05/22

    Launch of our New School Values

    At Orchard Manor, we teach Respect and build Relationships, through Kindness and being part of our Community.  Our children learn life skills which  we are confident will make them ready for a future filled with Health and Happiness.
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  • 23/05/22

    OMS Chosen to work with NHS England on Hearing Check Project in Schools

    We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the opportunity to take part in NHS England's Commitment to Health as one of only seven schools in the whole country to start testing all children for hearing. Staff will be trained to deliver audiology tests on your child which can...
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  • 16/05/22

    Introducing OMS to the Dawlish Water Rotary Club

    Mary May, our Community Cohesion Governor recently gave a talk to Dawlish Water Rotary Club about our curriculum and the range of opportunities available to our pupils.
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  • 07/04/22

    School Merit Shop Open For Business

    As you know, throughout the term our children are awarded merits for good behaviour, being kind, being polite and just about anything they do that is good for the school community. At the end of the term, they get to "spend" these merits in the Merit Shop.
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  • 05/04/22

    Meet the Leadership Team

    It was so good to see so many parents and carers turn up to our Meet the Leadership Team Coffee Morning today. Thank you so much for coming, it was really good to meet you all and we hope all your questions were answered. Thank you for supporting us today.
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  • 30/03/22

    Meet the Senior Leadership Team

    With the change of leadership this week and any questions you may have regarding moving forwards, we invite you to meet the Interim Head, Nicola Jones, and our Senior Leadership Team.
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  • 30/03/22

    Bingo & Quiz Evening an Egg-Cellent Success!

    A fabulous evening! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. You are amazing! 
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  • 20/03/22

    100 Miles for School PSFA Fundraising

    A few weeks ago he decided that he wanted to raise some money for "Mindfulness Benches" to put around the school.  These are benches that will be placed in particularly peaceful and beautiful parts of our school grounds, where visitors, children and staff can practice "Mindfulnes...
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  • 17/03/22

    We Planted a Tree (or 20) for the Jubilee

    Today we welcomed members of the community to plant their own tree as part of Her Majesty's Jubilee Celebrations and the Queen's Green Canopy. Everyone came prepared with their wellies on, grabbed a spade and planted their own tree of choice, with a tag attached to the tree with their name o...
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