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Parent View 2023 results of the Questionnaire

Every year we put together a questionnaire for parents and carers of our students.  This is to give them a chance to put forward what they feel about how we are doing as a school looking after the education and wellbeing of their children.  To date we have had 42 responses -which is an increase on the 17 we had last year - and the information collected is as follows: 

Out of all the parents who replied 95% of them agreed that their child is indeed happy at Orchard Manor School.   

Feeling safe wherever you are is an important part of life and here we have 7% of our parents who believe that their child does not feel safe at school.  93% of them however feel confident in their child’s safety

Taking these results, nearly 93% of our parents believe that Orchard Manor encourages good behaviour – 2% say that they do not know and just over 4% in those that replied, believe that the school does not encourage good behaviour. 

62% of our parents say that their child has never been bullied at Orchard Manor.  From this feedback, of the 38% of the parents who believe that their child has been bullied at school 75% of those feel that it was dealt with quickly and effectively

79% of our parents' state that they are informed what their child will be learning throughout the year. In addition to what the teachers share, the curriculum information is posted on the school website for each subject and what is learnt through the year by each class.  

81% of our parents believe that any concerns are dealt with properly within school.  Of our total number of parents who took this quiz, nearly 10% have never had to raise any concerns.  

We strongly believe that we offer every child who comes here the support and opportunity to succeed.  Of the 42 parents who completed this questionnaire, 86% agreed with us.  

Here we see that 76% of our parents know that we have high expectations for our students both here and when they take the next steps.  

We are very pleased to see that 88% of our parents believe that their child does well at this school

With our interactive communication systems between parents and staff plus our social media which gives a window into what the children’s activities are during the school day, we are very pleased to see that such communications mean that the parents say that 90% of them believe that they are informed as to what their child is doing. 

Another positive response as nearly 86% of our parents say that we offer a good range of subjects for their children.  

74% of our parents know that their children can take part in clubs and activities. Of the overall total however, 21% do not know.  This could be because the activities and clubs take place within the school day rather than after school.  

Life skills are an important part of our curriculum, and we believe that we support our children in in their personal development from the moment they start to when they leave.  83% of our parents believe this too.  Again, for the 10% who do not know, this could be because they learn during all their school lessons.   

We are thrilled to see that just over 90% of our parents would recommend us to other parents.   


Comparison from the Parent Survey in 2022 to 2023 

In 2022 we sent our Parent Survey to all our parents and received 17 responses in total.  This year we sent it out again and received 42 responses – a huge increase of parents willing to share their views.  As you can see from the information below on a few key questions, there is a fantastic increase in not only parents' perceived happiness for their child, the safety of their child and also the willingness to recommend. 

2022 – Total 17 Responses  

2023 - Total 42 Responses 

My child is Happy at OMS 

My Child Feels safe at OMS 

I would recommend Orchard Manor School to another parent. 








Strongly Agree / Agree 

13 = 76% 

40 = 95% 

13 = 76% 

39 = 93% 

YES - 14 = 82% 

39 = 93% 


1 = 6% 

2 = 5% 

1 = 6% 

1 = 2% 

Strongly Disagree/Don’t Know 

3 = 18% 

0 = 0% 

3 = 18% 

2 = 5% 

NO - 3 = 18% 

3 = 7% 

 All in all, we have had a very successful year!


Here are some of the quotes from our parents and guardians from the questionnaire.   

  • I am so grateful every day that my son is at Orchard Manor School. He has progressed so much with his interaction and loves going in every day.  KN 
  •  The amazing teachers have listened and tried to help and support my child as much as they can. Always communicating when needed. CH 
  • My son has absolutely thrived since being here! It's the best thing I could've done for him. This school is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all you do! KC 
  • My son is in foundation stage and the school has really transitioned him well. He seems very happy to go to school, and we can see the improvements in him at home too. LK 
  • This school is magnificent. My son has thrived there and he is happy. ST 
  • I'm so grateful that my child goes to Orchard Manor. He is very happy and loves coming to school. His teachers are lovely and really care about him and his wellbeing.  KH 
  • As a parent, I also feel well-supported. Thank you for all your help. SE 
  • I have recommended this school to many of my friends. The staff are well-trained to deal with and teach pupils with different disabilities. The facilities are amazing at the school and so are the teachers. Very polite and understanding. Great school plus an amazing safety net for them.  SB 
  • This is a wonderful school which is working so hard to help my son prepare for the world around him. They are supportive of the parents and are always there to listen and offer help. The staff know and understand my son. My son, in his own words, has said "I feel safe at school, they understand me." It is incredible.  NA 
  • It’s a wonderful school! It is now a happy place and my child is thriving.  RM 
  • Couldn’t be happier with this school. My son has absolutely thrived and loves it here.  CR 
  • I’m really proud my daughter attends Orchard Manor. Since she started in September, the staff have been amazing. You always receive such a warm welcome from Julie in reception.  All the staff are passionate about their job and really care about all the children.  She has already learnt lots of new things and really looks forward to coming to school.  ZF 
  • We feel the school is very supportive of our son and us, with school transport and his teacher and the school whole heartily help and advised us.  MB