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The First Official 10Tors Jubilee Challenge Race Winners!

Many  staff have commented on how special it is to witness students thriving in a different kind of environment which of course, as the Outdoor Ed team would say, is exactly the whole point.  For our young people to experience a true challenge and adventure, to practice, persevere and then to finally experience the cheers on the finish line is incredible.

I just wanted to add my thanks to all the team that supported, mentored, and coached our young people around the course.  Our students were simply phenomenal!

It was wonderful to see how many of their special people were waiting to celebrate with them. This is how we exemplify our ambition for the students and why these experiences are vital to their development.  Of course, it is no accident that nearly 40 of our students were able to have so much success across all the courses - many of them building on previous years to go for silver and gold medals.

It is down to the pure dedication, patience, and perseverance of the team of staff that worked tirelessly to make the Ten Tors such a special and rewarding experience.

So, thank you, Janice, Richard (and Cathy in spirit), for the hours and hours you put into planning, risk assessing, organising, and for modelling to all of us how to work with children under pressure, who are sometimes out of their comfort zones and allow them to develop greater confidence and independence. As someone has already said, ‘it’s a lesson to us all’.

And thank you to the other forty odd people who turned up, slept over, made dinner and breakfast, put up tents, took down tents and walked and talked to keep the children going and to those who cheered all our teams across the finish line.

We were the school that had the most teams to enter the Jubilee Challenge courses. Some of us are hoarse as a result!

This year was the first official Jubilee Challenge race as previous years have been classed as pilots. I am incredibly proud that we were the first team over the line today and so are the first ever official winners of the Jubilee Challenge race!

A parent said to me, ‘Basically, we won the Ten Tors!’ and that, dear readers, is how it honestly felt.  🥳  🤩

Nicola Jones