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Every pupil at Orchard Manor School has access to a curriculum designed to meet their individual and specific needs.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and accessible to every pupil at their own level.

The curriculum at Orchard Manor includes the following strands; Academic,  Vocational, Life & Social Skills, Emotional (Thrive), Wellbeing (EH4MH) and other therapies as appropriate (Counselling, Speech & Language Therapy, Mentoring).  All strands of our curriculum are important in facilitating the holistic development of our pupils.

Developmental needs are determined and prioritised through consultation with pupils, parents and other stakeholders in conjunction with pupils EHCP and further informed by school based assessments.  Pupils' targets, updated every term, define the next steps for individual learning / development.  As a result pupils and those who support them know exactly what their objectives are, the strategies being used to support them and what progress is being made.

Curriculum 2020 - 2021

At Orchard Manor we strive to engage pupils in a curriculum that is appropriate for them and one that they enjoy and benefit from, in order to develop independence and to prepare them for the next steps in their journey towards adulthood, and so we offer a multi-faceted Curriculum for our pupils based on their abilities, needs and interests.

Orchard Manor School fully supports the development of communication and interaction skills that link to behaviour, confidence, resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence. We also have an established Speech and Language programme, overseen by our full-time Speech and Language therapist and two assistants, who provide individualised programmes to support pupils and small group work to develop communication and interaction skills.

We work collaboratively with pupils, parents, carers, professionals and other stakeholders to identify and holistically support pupil’s individual needs, abilities and interests and build personalised timetables around these to ensure pupils receive the best possible curriculum for them as individuals.

Academically, pupils have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects accredited at; GCSE, BTEC level 1 and level 2, Entry Level 1, 2 and 3, Functional skills level 1 and 2 and Functional skills entry level 1,2 and 3, ASDAN and AQA Unit Awards.

Pupils also access Horticulture, Outdoor Education, Forest School, Outdoor Adventure, Physical Education, Music, Art and Design, Design and Technology and the Orchard Manor Careers programme, as well as English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Computer Studies, Food Technology, Beliefs and Values and  Languages.

The Vocational aspect of the curriculum engages pupils through a range of activities and courses at Bicton College, South Devon College and Dawlish Garden Trust.

Work related learning is organised to suit pupil’s interests and currently includes placements at; National Trust Properties, Langton Farm, Local Pre-schools, cafés and local businesses, with new placements arranged in years 10, 11 and Post-16 based on the particular interests of the pupil.

At Orchard Manor pupils engage in a comprehensive Life and Social Skills programme, preparing pupils for adulthood and supporting their development as independent individuals. The schools ‘Life and Social Skills Index’ is used to record pupil progress leading to accreditation through OCR’s Life and Living Skills entry level qualifications and AQA’s Unit Award Scheme  

A further aspect of our curriculum focusses on sensory elements, including a Sensory Curriculum (Victoria) for our sensory learners. This is further enhanced through accessing the many sensory rooms and range of sensory resources across the school.  Staff also collaborate with external Occupational Therapists, delivering specific sensory diets and activities to individual pupils.

The pupils are further supported throughout the curriculum by our other complementary therapists, including; our school counsellor, four licenced THRIVE practitioners (emotional development), trained mentors and our Mental Health practitioners.