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Our Activities

We offer a wide variety of activities both on and offsite

We recognise that each young person is an individual and we are sensitive to their varying needs preferences.  Our activity programme reflects this; responding to the knowledge that not everyone wants to take part in the same type of activity.  So, we try to offer suitable alternatives for our children and young people. 


We like to stay active here, its good fun and taking part is a good way to stay healthy.  Some of the activities we offer are swimming, walking on the beach and in the countryside, hiking, ball games, cycling, mountain biking, adventure play equipment, trampolining and swings.  We also book indoor climbing sessions, dance classes and horse riding.  


As at home, our residences have a television, so our young people can watch TV in the evenings.  Sometimes DVD nights are organised and the boarders get together for a social night. 

We have computers and iPads and other computer games like the Wii too.  We also play board games, do puzzles, make things in our arts and crafts time and we have cooking sessions too.   

We also go out to the youth club and the cinema. Birthdays are always special here and we like to have a meal out all together to celebrate. At least once a half term we have special trips out to venues like Paignton Zoo, Air Hop Crealy,  and Escot.


Every term we plan at least one big social event, these are normally planned for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and a BBQ in the summer.  Monday evenings are our social nights here and we have activities on site for the all the children and young people in the residences.