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Our Houses

All the buildings in the school are named after apples, of course - being in a school called Orchard Manor, and our residential houses are no exception.   

In every house, each resident has their own bedroom which they can personalise, full use of the communal spaces to relax in after school - much like our sitting rooms at home, and a communal kitchen where evening meals and breakfasts are prepared, often with the help of the students themselves.  It really is a home from home,  and we pride ourselves on the comforting feeling of each house.   

Our houses have a team leader, as well as a team of experienced residential child care officers, who work a shift rota to cover a 24 hour period, including waking night cover.  

All of the residents have an opportunity to participate in the full range of after school activities that are offered.   

We are self-sufficient in our catering needs and therefore have to plan meals and take trips to the supermarket.  We encourage our young people to make healthy dietary choices, source products and then take part in the preparation.  Some relish these choices more than others… but, have come to realise that action provides sustenance whatever its culinary artistic presentation!

Gala House

Gala Househas 7 bedrooms occupied by students ranging from 11 to 16.  Often  they are joined by other children who stay until 6pm.  Everyone will have joined in after school activities and the ones going home will do so after tea.  

At the front of Gala is a big lounge where our residents  watch television and DVD’s whilst the dining room where the students have their breakfast, dinner and tea is at the rear.  Gala also has a playroom with a desk for arts and crafts and an electric organ.   

Spartan House

Spartan accommodates up to nine residential places as well as places for day pupils who stay until 6.00 pm. 

Spartan has recently undergone a complete redevelopment resulting in extremely high standards of accommodation with all facilities being brand new and up to date.  Spartan has three separate games rooms which have a variety of activities and games including Playstations, XBoxes, SingStar, Lego, Scalextric sets and a number of board games and other toys, which are age appropriate and appeal to the youngest and oldest students.  We also have a quiet/chill out area and a place where they can make arts and crafts. 

Spartan has a large lounge/living area to watch television and DVD’s whilst the dining room is where we have breakfast and tea.