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Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Vision Statement for Orchard Manor School

This vision statement was created in September 2018 by all staff and Governors of Orchard Manor School.  Its intent is to showcase the ambitions we have for our school and indicate our position five years hence – September 2023 - and therefore will provide a backdrop to planning, decisions and target-setting.

Like all philosophies, it will be revisited and reviewed when appropriate.


The physical environment is stimulating and complements the individual learning journeys of all pupils. We are working and learning in a safe, welcoming, calm and supportive environment with access to a well-maintained site which is one linked campus with extended and state-of-the- art facilities.  These include numerous outdoor zones (Forest school, reflection areas, sensory areas, age appropriate play areas, horticulture and animal husbandry), a Sports Hall suitable for theatre productions, a school café and shop, library and a vocational centre.  There is a Specialist Hub for professionals including therapists for speech and language, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, Thrive, counsellors and school nurse. The eco-friendly school campus is utilised by other schools – both mainstream and specialist providers.

Pupils and parents

Our pupils are valued, safe, happy and are engaged in the school community supported by their EHCPs to learn and achieve. Pupils access their appropriate curriculum at the highest possible level, contributing their voice to choices and are safe experiencing positive mental health. The uniqueness of each child or young person is recognised and they leave Orchard Manor equipped to engage as independently and confidently, as possible, in adulthood. All students contribute to school life through positive engagement with peers and staff and have developed ownership of the school. We celebrate their successes via weekly and family ceremonies and have a positive relationship with all parents through clear and open communication involving them in a range of activities and occasions.

Our staff

We all have a sound knowledge and understanding of the impact of all individual needs, are well supported and trained. We are highly motivated and skilled, supported with our own health and well-being. We feel trusted, respected and proud of the school community. Each staff member is valued, safe, and communication is clear and open across all areas, understanding our voice is heard. Our training is relevant and intelligent allowing us all to feel empowered and valued within the school community and wider educational landscape.


The local and educational community are proud of our school as we maintain strong links promoting access to our facilities for a range of groups.  Our pupils access the wider community and experience numerous opportunities to be involved in the world of work, business and local initiatives. We use our Youth Club to forge new friendships in and out of school and host social events for the community.

As a centre of national excellence for specialist education we take pride in our responsibilities and strength.

Mission Statement

Our pupils are at the centre of everything we do and we consistently strive for high quality education and care. We understand their individual needs and the importance of positive mental health and well-being ensuring that they can reach their full potential, be happy, safe and included in school and the community. We enable them to express themselves in the knowledge that they are listened to and that theirs is the most important voice. Together, we support them into an adulthood which is as independent as possible.

The Aims of the School

We aim to:

  • Create a happy, secure and stimulating environment that actively promote students health, welfare and well-being
  • Support each student in our school community through the understanding of their individual needs
  • Provide structured and purposeful opportunities, within a broad and balanced curriculum, to learn and develop
  • Encourage and support students to become independent, responsible, accepting and caring individuals with respect for the beliefs, and values of others
  • Promote each student's spiritual, moral, physical, cultural, social and emotional development to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • Support each student to develop and achieve their potential
  • Nurture strong partnerships and positive relationships with parents, carers, professionals and the wider community