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Physical Education - PE


Physical Education at OMS aims to ensure lifelong physical participation for all children in a positive, healthy, both mentally and physically, and active lifestyle.  Within PE at OMS we also aim to use physical activity contexts to support each individual to be able to develop their social, emotional and thinking skills to use in the wider context of life. The PE Team delivers a fun, challenging, broad, appropriate, inspiring and physical curriculum which uses fundamental core and sensory skills at the root of all higher level teaching.  This is our basis on which to embed lifelong learning.​

Throughout our teaching, we incorporate and challenge our students with social, emotional and thinking skills such as respect, self-belief, resilience, fairness, team work and compassion​.  We endeavour to ensure physical development is both skill based and health focused​, and we expose children to different appropriate sporting experiences, such as competition, spectating, officiating and leadership​.  We ensure that all children access embedded physical activity throughout school life.


All pupils receive the opportunity for 2 curriculum Physical Education lessons per week delivered by specialists and fully trained sports teachers.  In addition to the planned class curriculum,  pupils can access additional physical support through specialist intervention programmes of Tiger Teams and Sensory Development, which are accessed on a need by need basis.   Opportunities are provided for different leadership pathways for our older students.    We have Sports Leaders and Sport Champions as well as qualifications-based additional lessons​.  Additional opportunities are available for pupils to take part in sports festivals and tournaments.   Whole school physical activities are provided as extension work.​  We also have a structured programme of lunchtime activities.  ​


At OMS our students experience inspiring and high-quality physical education and sport to give them the confidence and personal competence to equip them to lead an active and healthy life​ when they move on.  They make progress in all 4 strands of OMS PE - those being Physical, Emotional, Social and Thinking​.  They actively participate in PE lessons and the majority of pupils will value, love and understand the importance of physical activity and importance to health​.  Our students are challenged to achieve the highest standards that they can...  "Be the BEST they can be"​ and they take part in a broad spectrum of external sporting activities​ and are given the opportunity to experience different roles within sport, such as coach/ observer/ official/ leader too.  Their success will have followed a pathway appropriate to their abilities and needs which can lead to achieving a relevant PE qualification.