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School Council

At Orchard Manor School we are proud to give all our pupils a voice to express their opinion and time to think and discuss school issues.  We have pupil representatives that play an active part on our School Council. The council meets once a month, this is one of the ways in which we promote British Values and democracy.  The council are proactively involved in decisions about the school that affect them through a range of processes, these include every young person has a vote, class discussions and meeting with staff. We are committed to building their opinions into the management and development of our school. 

Through the School Council all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take an active part in discussions.  Pupils, alongside their peers, play their part in reaching democratic solutions.  Pupils at Orchard Manor know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter.

Past successes from the School Council:

  • We took part in a Sentient Trust project that involved a range of events.  The Student Council shared their thoughts on our school through a video. Pupils filmed, produced, directed, and edited the video.  The second part was about support from school and outside agencies our pupils have access to that enables them to have good days and what causes bad days. These agencies attended and were able to hear the voices from the pupils and the significant impact on the lives and services provided to young people across Devon.
  • We fundraise for Sports Relief, Children in Need, Comic Relief and our local charity is Richard’s Wish.  We raised money by holding School Discos, Ice Cream Fridays and non-uniform days.
  • Pupils have had a voice on the naming of the school and its buildings and classrooms, and the new school uniform.