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Will I have my own room?

Every student has their own bedroom in one of the two residential buildings. Each  room comes equipped with a single bed, wash facilities, a chest of drawers/hanging rail for clothes, a desk and a chair.  You can appropriately decorate your room as you want, actually we like you to personalise your bedroom.  It shows you feel at home! 

Both buildings also have three-bathroom areas (One being a wet room) with private baths/showers and toilets that are shared by the students.

We have staff sleeping rooms in each house too. 

Can I have visitors?

Yes, you are welcome to have adult visitors to the school, although this will need to be agreed with your parents/carers.  Any siblings will need to be accompanied by an adult and visits need to be by arrangement, so we can make sure you are available.

What time is bedtime?

Bedtime varies according to how old you are and what you need but the bedtime routine is usually this:

Years 7-9

9.00pm quiet time in your room

10.00pm lights out

Years 10-11

10.00pm quiet time in your room

11.00pm lights out

Whilst in your bedroom it is ok for you to read, watch TV, listen to a CD or your radio. However, it is important that the volume of your TV or music is reasonable and that it does not interfere with you, or anyone else, getting a good night’s sleep and getting up in the morning!

What can I bring with me?

You can bring things to personalise your bedroom such as posters, pictures and photos of family and friends. Bedding is provided, but many students like to bring their own duvet sets. Some young people like to kit their room out with LED lighting etc.  You do need to be responsible for any belongings that you bring into school.  All games DVD’s etc must be age appropriate and each bedroom has a lockable secure storage box, so you can keep things safe.   Please don’t worry though, we do send out a full recommended kit list before you move in.

Who can I talk to if I am unhappy or feeling worried?

You can speak to anyone on the staff team. However, the best person to choose may be your residential key worker. Your key worker will be assigned to you especially, and he/she will help and support you whilst you are at Orchard Manor. This person is often the best person to help you if things are not going quite right. If you want to speak to someone not on the staff team, we have contact numbers you can phone. There is also a safeguarding poster which displays the safeguarding team.  An Independent Visitor also visits monthly and can be contacted by pupils directly.

How do I contact family and friends?

There are three house phones available for students to use across both buildings. Parents, friends and carers can call to speak to you at any time after school. The best times to call is after school, after tea (depending on what activity we have planned that day) and before bed.  Students can bring mobile phones to school, but they must be used appropriately and in line with the school mobile phone policy (Rules).

Do I get pocket money?

The good news is you don’t need any money, as all the fantastic activities we do here are paid for!

However, you can earn pocket money through our award system. There is a selection of different household chores which can be done to earn extra pocket money.  Doing these chores also builds on your independent learning skills.

And Finally...

We do know that moving to somewhere new can be a little daunting -  for any of us -  old or young, so we have put together a little booklet for our new arrivals called "Welcome to your New House!"  It has lots of useful information in it, from the House Rules to what to do if you need to have a chat to someone.  There is also room for a favourite photo and space to write your favourite things. Why don't you have a look by clicking on the link below:

We are really looking forward to meeting you!